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M/s Zara Shipping Services, pursues to set up a Unit at NDR Free Trade Warehousing Zone (“FTWZ”), Chennai, to cater to the increasing demand of storage and warehousing of the domestic and international industry in India and using the space of the unit as International Trading Hub.

The FTWZ Unit will provide Free Trade warehousing and all other value added services to all major business and industrial districts of the country including south East Asia subcontinent.

M/s. Zara Shipping Services brings to the table its rich experience of providing supply chain related services and operate as a Unit Holder at NDRFTWZ SEZ in Chennai. The proposed Unit is well equipped and possesses the necessary expertise, resources and commitment to successfully build and operate the proposed unit in FTWZ. The entrepreneur’s philosophy is to bring best service on board to ensure best performance.

The proposed FTWZ Unit would provide one stop solution for customers, with best in class facilities. The value proposition of the facility is as under –

End user specific infrastructure in warehousing their goods and services
Controlling of stocks and warehousing/distribution of goods to the meet the Customers’ requirement
Meeting the import and export related requirements and fulfilments on behalf of Customers
Providing of all Value Added Services to the Customers within the parameters of SEZ Rules.
One stop logistical needs and solutions for Customers.


Details of the Proprietor.

Mr. Mudassir Imtiyaz
Mr. Mudassir is the Proprietor of Zara Shipping Services. He has been in the field of Logistics, Supply Chain and Customs Clearing & Forwarding Services for the last 12 years. During the period, he developed strong relationships among many Logistics players in the Industries. He is well versed in Customs formalities about the Customs Clearances, Bonded Facility, Re-Warehousing procedures, etc. Mr. Mudassir, has the ability to develop and explore new business model in the Logistics Industry.

Mr. Mudassir, after completing his Graduation in Business Administration, taken up his profession in the Logistics field and acquired good experience in handling the issues faced in the industry. With his experience and urge to come up in the Industry, he entered into Warehousing business directly with support of his already established contacts in the industry.

Operating Model

Key Proposed services of the FTWZ unit are as under
Supply Chain
Cargo Handling
Any other value added services required

Following are the “Key Value Proposition” that we offer to our customers:
Better Inventory Management and reduced Lead times.
Reduced buffer stocks
Natural Currency Hedge for traders and suppliers.
Foreign Registered Firms can use the Free Trade Zones as “Stock Holding Point” without the need to register the company in India.
Ability to provide cost effective and customized solutions to customers.
Comparatively at a Cheaper Cost

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